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The Ultimate Goal

The Ultimate Goal (TUG) is the sports organization coordinating outreach ministries during the 2010 World Cup. They would also like to use World Cup “fever” to generate interest in a larger effort to reach South Africa called 1-2-3 Envisioning Strategy. To learn more, visit To receive prayer updates, e-mail

Building Hope Foundation

Building Hope Foundation seeks to assist individuals who have been victims of human trafficking. In an attempt to reduce the trafficking of children, they are involved with the Valuable to Jesus program through which palm-size dolls are given to schoolchildren as a constant reminder that God holds them in the palm of His hand and that their lives have value.

Volunteers are needed to help knit the small dolls. Download the patterns and instructions here:

Doll Pattern (PDF)

Photo with Sample Doll Variations (JPG)

Pray that many children will be spared a lifetime of suffering through the efforts of Building Hope Foundation.

Teddy Bears for Hurting Children

Some caring nurses and Christian friends go each week to a South African government hospital to share God’s love with patients during their afternoon visiting hour. These ladies seek opportunities to pray with every patient and any family members who may be visiting. Each adult patient receives a nutritious pack of peanuts and a Gospel tract in his or her language of preference. On the pediatric ward, each child receives a toy or stuffed animal and a Gospel tract for his or her parents.

One of the stuffed animals given to the children is a homemade teddy bear. Both the children and their parents express delight in receiving a teddy bear. The attached pattern can be cut out and the bears sewn and mailed unstuffed. Sending up to 12 bears in an envelope is cost effective and much easier than trying to send ones already stuffed. Before the bears are distributed, a ribbon saying UJESU UYAKUTHANDA (“Jesus Loves You” in Zulu) is stitched onto the fabric.

If you would like to make teddy bears and send them to South Africa, please use the following address:
Jane Lawson
PO Box 1759
Edenvale 1610
Republic of South Africa

For more information, contact Jane at